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Trade International is your source for information and services to the dimension stone industry.

  • Buying Service

    Buying service will discuss sourcing of sourcing of stone internationally,

  • Marketing Of Stone

    Marketing is not selling but it assists sales.

  • Choosing the Right Stone

    The big question is by most buyers is how do I choose the right stone for my project whether it be a large commercial project or something more easy like picking a paver for the patio or a granite kitchen countertop.

  • Quality Control

    Many buyers request on major projects and or purchases to have goods inspected.

  • Educational Information

    Information is always educational and when it comes to stone is many times hard to get.


Buying Services

  Trade International is an International Buyer and Stone Consultant for various persons or companies.  Buying services can mean shopping the world to find you the best deal on your stone tiles, slabs, cobblestones, statues, monuments, pebbles, honeycombed stone, Cut to size projects, fountains, columns, fireplaces or any of a 100 other such specific items in various stones that range from granite, marble, basalt, travertine, limestone, soapstone, sandstone, porphyry, onyx, slate, quartzite, semi-precious stone, engineered stone, crystallized glass and many other stone related items. Trade International will search the world to find your specific stone for the best price and or alternate stone and assist you with price negotiations, shipping, importing, either domestic or foreign stone.  If you require inspections services then we have possible inspectors or we will fly if the job is large enough to establish the inspection criteria on your stone. Buying services are not just prices but a complete service including assisting with specifying the packaging of your stone product and if needed testing of the stone in accordance with ASTM standards or similar.  Read More

Choosing Right Stone

 Choosing the right stone means understanding many issues which are dependent on:
1.     Where the stone is to be used, indoor or outdoor, walls or paving, cold or hot climates
2.    Which type of stone is suitable for your project:  granite, quartzite, marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, basalt, soapstone, field stone, and many others
3.    Size of stone pieces, thickness, and the quantity required and the time frame for delivery
4.    Color and texture or finish of the stone
5.    What price is in your budget will be a factor and equally important is the cost of installation
6.    Variation of the stone affects selection of the stone as some stone has a lot more variation then others
7.   Maintenance is a factor in that some buyers want a stone that is almost maintenance free or very little work to take care of. Read More

Inspection and Quality Control

Many buyers request on major projects and or purchases to have goods inspected.  This is a very good safety factor to have and should be budgeted into most purchase orders.  It is important to have the inspector know the selection and criteria required for each order which should include copies of the purchase order, samples of the stone selected and the range accepted in the stone, the stone supplier, drawings and copies of shop tickets, sizes and finishes and details of anything that is important to verify.
Quality control can only be done on the stone based on criteria established by the buyer.  Quality is not an issue of stone selection and even though a stone may be second or commercial ratings does not mean the stone is of poor quality.  Quality is definable like the tolerance of the thickness, sizing tolerances, squareness etc.  Read More

Educational Information

Information is always educational and when it comes to stone is many times hard to get.  Finding information on the stone and which one to choose is always a main issue.  Then once you think the color and stone is the right one getting information on the historical data or ASTM testing and quarry information becomes a problem especially when people keep changing the names.  Evaluating the quarries is a major concern on large jobs or with stones that have problems or limited availability.  Perhaps information is a budget on the installation or the costs of the stones.  Gathering information on how the stone is made or finding all data on the factory that will make the stone and if they are able and capable and have the quality controls you require. Read More

Marketing of Stone

Marketing is not selling but it assists sales.  Marketing requires a lot of stone research to study the field, the market area, the type and depth of the customers to be reached, how to reach them, how to make an impact, whether it is national or international, budgeting for the expense, paying for brochures, travel, samples and many other issues.  People will not always agree on how to neither market nor appreciate the monies that need to be set aside to reach the market.  Read More