Buying Service

Trade International will search the world to find your specific stone or alternate stone for the best price.

Quality Control

Quality control is extremely important and can only be done on the stone based on criteria established by you, the buyer.


Choosing the Right Stone

There are literally thousands of stones available, which one is right for your project?


Marketing is not selling, but assisting sales. See how Trade International can help with your marketing needs.

Trade International is an international Buyer and Stone Consultant with over 45 years of experience in the dimension stone industry.

When you need to buy slabs, tiles, and cut to size stone, let us price it for you. There’s no obligation, and it’s completely free.

Trade International primarily consults architects/designers on selection, budgeting, and sourcing of the right stone and alternates, assists them in reviewing stone specifications, and reviews issues with the suitability of the stone for the project.  Secondly, we work with major contractors, owners, and general contractors as a buyer for their stone, helping to buy direct, look at alternate stones that are less expensive and within budget, selecting factories to supply them, establishing quality controls and inspection services at the factory, arrange shipping, and negotiating pricing for their projects.

Our database of information includes over 23,000 companies engaged in the stone business in 30+ countries. We have collected information on thousands of types of stone, including photos, technical data, factories and quarry producers.

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