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Andhra Pradesh Granite Industry in Dire Straits

Government urged to cut royalty tax by 50 p.c. and also power tariff. The district, which prospered on all fronts with the advent of granite quarry industry in the recent past, is now reeling under acute crisis as there is no demand in the national and international markets.

Terms of Sales to North American Customers

Originally Published in 1996 There are many ways to sell to customers in North America. Many years ago because the market in North America was so big, so new, and so virgin (if one could say that), foreigners selling into North America were mystified by its vastness...

Hot Stones Today & New Trends for 1995

In surveying numerous distributors, contractors, and sales representatives throughout the United States we have concluded that the market is definitely changing and trends, whether short or long term, are taking place.

M.S.D.S. for United States

Material Safety Data Sheets, otherwise known as M.S.D.S., are now being required on stone. This is an environmental matter for which the United States is leading the way in workers safety.

What to Expect From a Supplier

Suppliers or fabricators are referred to sometimes as producers or factories who produce tile, slabs, cut to size, or other special works such as fireplace surrounds. These suppliers sometimes are misunderstood.


Greece is located between the Ionia Sea and the Aegean Sea, and is slightly smaller then Alabama. It is comprised of very mountainous areas and lots of islands. The structure underlying Greece is “Marble”.

United States Economic Forecast

The U.S. economic slowdown in the late 1980’s was enlarged due to the global economic slowdown. President George Bush tried to get americans to accept patience, as growth was nearby.

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