Millard Sheets Mural Restoration Chase BankRolling Hills, CA

Dimension Stone Contractor
Engineer & Mosaic Restoration
Carnevale & Lohr, Inc.

JP Morgan Chase

Project Manager:
David Carnevale

Stone Consultant:
Trade International

Art Consultant:
Jeannie Denholm of SCAPE

Special Pinnacle Award of Merit: Craftsmanship from the M.I.A.

Stone Used:
Emerald Pearl Granite
Byzantine Mosaics

This is an historic job combining stone and Byzantine mosaics originally made in 1974 by a renowned artist specializing in scenic art works for Millard Sheets who, in the 1900’s, made works of art for the exterior claddings of past Home Savings of America Banks (now the Chase Bank)

Rollings Hills, California depicts horses with riders and dogs following them with sea in the background. It is made from 36 panels of stone and mosaic totaling 12 x 37 feet. It required repairing the Emerald Pearl granite panels with travertine liners and removing and re-installing all the mosaics. The project took about six months.

A very intricate and detailed system was designed to protect the panels prior to removal, during transit and during restoration. This required photographs, a numbering system for each panel, taping panels to stop the continuing loss of mosaics, repairing the granite, cleaning, and basically starting the mosaic installation from scratch to re-install. Carnevale added expansion joints, new anchors and engineering for re-installation.

The work shows how stone and mosaics can come together to the artists design and last for many more years to come.

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